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What is T-Molding?

Garry Crystal
Garry Crystal

T-molding is the plastic trim that can be found on many electrical machines. It is found on many arcade machines, such as games machines and slot machines. The t-molding is usually placed along the leading edges, facing outwards from the machine.

T-molding is so called because it is installed into long grooves on the edge of the machine, so the edge of the t-molding is shaped like a T. T-molding on arcade games is usually installed on the edges of each side and usually protrudes slightly at the front. The t-molding is not flush with the material of the machine. This prevents wear and tear to the wood of the machine.


A simple black t-molding is most commonly used, but many games and machines have t-molding of various colors. Many customize the colors used in order to match the machine color. T-molding can sometimes be made in chrome. If custom color is used in the molding, it is sometimes difficult to replace to the exact standard previously used. If you buy a used arcade for private home use and find the t-molding has worn and is of a custom print, it may be difficult to find an exact match for the replacement.

Around 25 ft (7.62 meters) of t-molding is used in a standard, upright arcade game. The most common widths of the strip are ½” (1.27 cm), 5/8” (1.59 cm) and ¾” (1.9 cm). European machines have the same measurements as American ones. The most common width of t-molding on an arcade game is ¾”, and it is used on almost all arcade games.

The best place to find t-molding is your local hardware store. There are several websites that specialize in t-molding, and many have a wide variety of colors available to choose from. Also, check websites such as Ebay, as they are very useful when trying to find colors that may be difficult to locate in more standard shops.

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