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What Is Job Production?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Job production is the provision of a set of unique services or products for a particular client or customer. It is also called jobbing; the person, company or group of persons engaged in it is called a jobber. An example is when the repair of certain machinery in a company is entrusted to one person, or when the catering or flower arranging services for a wedding is tasked to a particular person. Another example is when the plumbing and heating works for a house are contracted to an exclusive jobber.

This type of production can be thought of as the opposite of mass production. The jobber concentrates on the particular job, gives it their full attention instead of juggling two or more jobs at once, and generally gives better service and creates a more high-quality product than that which would be available elsewhere. The jobber, more often than not, specializes in that exact line of work, so they can be counted on to deliver excellent service. In addition, the job can also be customized exactly to the customer’s needs and requirements. As a result, the customer is very satisfied because they get one hundred percent of what they asked for.


Typically, job production is undertaken by a small firm, or even a single professional, who specializes in the given job. But there too are bigger companies that provide job production services. It can be very lucrative and profitable for the jobber because of their dedication to excellent and customized service, they can ask for larger fees. The work tends to be labor-intensive, so there is a good reason behind the higher fees. And of course, customers who wish to get the best results are generally willing to pay more in return.

Job production tasks are therefore a win-win arrangement for both the jobber and the customer. However, one disadvantage on the side of the jobber is that this kind of work isn’t always available. For instance, a high-paying and very challenging job production project would be a design and implementation of an advertising campaign. It is likely to earn good money for the jobber, but it is also a kind of project that may not come one’s way very often.

The way to succeed in job production is to build a good reputation. Make sure that all customers and clients are happy with the job done so they could become repeat customers. They can make referrals to their friends who may have an odd job or some project in craft production that fits the talents of the particular job production specialist. Word of mouth is an excellent advertisement for all business people, and this field is no exception.

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