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What is an Angle Bar?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

In steel part fabrication and manufacturing, an angle bar is a type of bar used to create supported corners and outside rims. These corners and rims are used for various walls and surfaces. Such bars are easily applied to virtually any type of surface through welding or by using drilled fastening methods.

The steel angle bar, for example, is a steel bar shaped like an L. One angle is perpendicular to the other. This forms an inside angle as well as an outside angle.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Angle bars are used to offer a strengthened support to structures that otherwise would not be able to endure the pressure placed on them. They are also used to reinforce edges on surfaces to prevent damage or erosion due to weathering. In the simplest sense, angle bars are used to protect any edges and corners that are required to hold their shape.

Angle bars can also be used as a means of providing vertical as well as horizontal support for a steel tube structure. They are most commonly used in structures such as radio towers and broadcasting equipment. This is because of the material’s natural ability to resist weathering and oxidization, while also providing a great amount of tensile and resistance strength to the structure they are incorporated into.

Another use for angle bars is the use in welding or industrial environments where a heavy object must be moved from one point to another without the use of wheels. The angle bar is then turned to show its point facing upward, with the inside angle of the bar facing the floor or ground. This allows the item being moved to simply slide along the angle bars on the point of the bar itself.

Due to their ultimate versatility and availability in a number of different sizes, angle bars are used often in the industrial construction field as a means of providing cross-support or horizontal support across steel beam work formed to support each floor in a tall building or skyscraper. They can be used in larger instances as vertical supports as well, though in most situations they are simply welded or fastened onto the outside of the tubular vertical supports for the building to create square corners for the application of the exterior wall materials. The size and coating method for the angle bar in most cases determine exactly what that specific angle bar may be used for, especially in construction instances because of most state construction codes.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill