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What is a Pipe Rack?

A pipe rack is an essential structure in industrial settings, designed to securely support large networks of pipes. These racks ensure safe and efficient transport of fluids and gases, vital for operations in chemical plants, refineries, and power stations. They're meticulously engineered to withstand environmental stresses. Intrigued by how these frameworks integrate into complex systems? Let's examine their role further.
Patrick Roland
Patrick Roland

A pipe rack is an important organizational and safety tool for industries that utilize piping. No matter whether they are dealing with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminum or steel pipes, a rack is needed for storage. There are many pipe rack designs, each catering to a particular type of pipe. The A-frame, U-frame, pigeonhole and truck rack are among the most popular types of pipe rack.

There are many types of pipe racks available, but each one serves the same purpose. Pipes, no matter how large or small, can be difficult to store because they cannot just be laid in a corner until needed. They are long and can roll haphazardly, causing a serious safety threat in the workplace. Pipe racking systems hold the pipes in place so they are not a burden to workers, and they provide easy access when pipes need to be removed and used. Most often, the racks are made from metal.

Pipe fittings.
Pipe fittings.

An A-frame pipe rack is one of the most common types of rack. This type of rack has two steeples, usually made from metal tubing, connected by a central bar and with notches protruding from the sides of the steeples. Pipes are laid over the notches to stay in place and frequently are organized by size in order to help workers. Many of these racks are on wheels in order to be portable.

Stainless steel pipes.
Stainless steel pipes.

The U-frame pipe rack features two half-circle pieces of metal connected by central bars, often looking like the hull of a boat without sides. This primarily is used for large, heavy piping. The pipes are laid between the U-shaped pieces and stacked. This keeps them from rolling and gives workers easy access.

A pigeonhole rack is used frequently by retail stores or by companies that need fast access to pipes, such as those in the manufacturing industry. This is constructed from metal into a box shape, but with several dividers, making several box shapes within the larger box. These smaller pigeonholes allow for pipes to be slid in and organized. Hardware stores frequently showcase the pipe selection using a pigeonhole rack.

A truck pipe rack takes the security and ease of the above racks and makes it highly portable. These racks are fastened to the top of a truck and usually feature a series of bored-out holes on a metal plate. These holes are large enough to fit an entire pipe through, and they feature a locking mechanism. This allows pipes to be transported without the risk of losing any on the road.

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    • Pipe fittings.
      Pipe fittings.
    • Stainless steel pipes.
      Stainless steel pipes.