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What Is a Jubilee® Clip?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

A Jubilee® Clip is a type of worm gear clamp that is typically used to fasten hoses to fittings. These clamps are composed of a band of stamped metal that is joined by a worm gear. The stamped metal has perforations that the worm gear fits into, and when it is turned the clamp either loosens or tightens. Worm gear design can allow a Jubilee® Clip to tighten with a relatively large amount of torque compared to the effort put into tightening. Variations on the original Jubilee® Clip are used in many different applications, though one particularly common usage is automobile radiator and heater hoses.

The Jubilee® Clip was originally invented in the early part of the 20th century in the United Kingdom. An officer in the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom saw the need for such a device during the course of his service, and he devised the first worm gear clamp after his retirement. The original Jubilee® design has been build upon and modified throughout the years, resulting in a great number of different worm gear clamps.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

In some parts of the world, the brand name Jubilee® is used to refer to all worm gear clamps. The brand did not make the same inroads in all markets, so even original Jubilee® Clips are sometimes referred to by generic names. Some generic terms that can refer to a Jubilee® Clip include worm gear clamp, hose clamp, and hose clip. Each name refers to a similar range of devices.

The design of a Jubilee® clip is relatively simple but very effective at clamping pliable hoses to solid pipes or fittings. Using a worm gear can allow an increase in torque over other designs, and the stamped metal band can apply even pressure to the exterior circumference of a hose. The pressed metal band is made of stainless, galvanized, or electroplated steel to reduce the possibility of corrosion.

Other similar designs can use a variety of methods to secure hoses to pipes or fittings. One common alternative is the spring steel clamp, which is a simple band of metal that has ears which can be compressed to increase its diameter. Spring steel clamps can be difficult to remove in limited access areas, and are often hard to reinstall once removed. Another alternative is the wire clamp, which uses two loops of heavy gage wire that are tightened with a screw and nut. These wire hose clamps work in a similar manner to the Jubilee® design, but do not benefit from a worm gear.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill