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What is a Beam Machine®?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis

The Beam Machine® is an inexpensive tool accessory that converts any kind of chainsaw into a type of portable sawmill. This attachment does not require any drilling in order to turn a regular chainsaw into a sawmill. Instead, using special clamps, the accessory is simply attached to a chainsaw with relative ease.

Due to its sturdy stainless steel base, and finished 2 by 4 guide, the Beam Machine® is easy to use. This tool accessory can be used to square timbers, cut window and door openings, and saw lumber. Carpenters and homeowners alike often find that the Beam Machine® is a cost-efficient way to cut lumber, and create various wooden objects.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Beam construction frequently involves purchasing already-cut beams from a hardware store. While beams that have already been cut are easy to install, these beams are also expensive to purchase. By using the Beam Machine®, anyone can cut lumber for a specific building purpose without purchasing any pre-made beams. In short, the Beam Machine® saves contractors, carpenters, and homeowners money.

In addition to making beam cutting easier, this machine also takes a large amount of strain off of a user. Using a chainsaw to cut wood often results in strain, but the Beam Machine® is able to support the saw's weight. The result is an easier tool to use for both professionals and amateurs.

The one drawback, according to customer reviews, of the Beam Machine® is that it takes a few moments to set up. However, once the attachment has been securely fastened to a chainsaw, the machine does its job accurately and precisely. This machine can be purchased at most hardware stores, or on the Internet through the Beam Machine® website.

While creating beams and fixing up your home is often rewarding, no woodworking tool should be used without observing some simple safety precautions. First, make sure to wear protective eye gear at all times. Second, make sure that any tools used, including the Beam Machine® are inspected before each use. Any machine that has a loose part, ripped wire, or other blemish should be fixed prior to use.

Also, use any woodworking tool as indicated. If a tool was not meant to cut through metal, then metal cutting should be avoided at all costs. Finally, take the time to clean up any sawdust around a work area before and after using tools. Slippery sawdust can become a hazard if it is not properly disposed of.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill