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What Are the Different Types of Derrick Services?

Jordan Weagly
Jordan Weagly

Derrick services can include engineering, construction, fabrication, sales, maintenance and contract negation. Specialists from many different fields are often required to construct, operate and maintain most types of derricks. A single company might struggle to find and hire the diverse experts required. As a result, these different derrick services are often outsourced to companies other than the owner and eventual operator of a derrick.

Engineering is usually an early step when attempting to establish an oil derrick. An engineer might be a derrick specialist, capable of planning and designing derricks in many different environments. A derrick specialist also may focus on only terrestrial or marine construction. Derrick services might offer teams of engineers that would otherwise be unavailable to the owner of a derrick. Many factors, such as safety and efficiency, can be impacted by engineering, and related derrick services are often in high demand.

An offshore oil platform. The derrick is the vertical tower.
An offshore oil platform. The derrick is the vertical tower.

Construction usually will not begin without sound engineering but, once it does begin, a different set of experts might be required. For example, the heavy equipment typically necessary for derrick construction usually requires specialized training. The construction of a derrick can include many different aspects in addition to labor, and different services might be required beyond equipment operation. Derrick services related to construction also might include the distribution of raw materials or the fabrication of specialized derrick parts.

A red and white oil derrick.
A red and white oil derrick.

Some derrick services, as a result, might focus on fabricating and selling the various parts required throughout a derrick’s operating life. A company could sell parts based on custom orders or create parts that are standard to most types of derricks. As a derrick ages, various components and accessories might also be necessary, and a company could focus on fulfilling these requirements. Common derrick services can include sales of the various parts and materials required throughout a derrick’s service life.

Maintenance services are often necessary as a derrick ages. Repair services, for instance, may focus on fixing the unique mechanical issues that can arise throughout the service life of a derrick. Needs often change as materials are harvested from the ground and upgrades are often required to compensate. Companies, then, can offer maintenance and upgrade services meant to increase efficiency or affect some other derrick process. Many of these changes also warrant routine inspections, and some services focus on those.

Beyond the physical constraints, derrick services are often offered to facilitate contract negotiation. This is often a complex process involving legal, humanitarian and budgetary concerns. As a result, a derrick specialist might focus only on contract negotiations.

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    • An offshore oil platform. The derrick is the vertical tower.
      By: eyeidea
      An offshore oil platform. The derrick is the vertical tower.
    • A red and white oil derrick.
      By: lightmoon
      A red and white oil derrick.