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What are the Different Types of Cladding Companies?

Jillian Peterson
Jillian Peterson

The process of covering and sealing exterior or interior walls on a building is known as cladding. There are many different types of cladding companies that can install a variety of coverings — such as stucco or vinyl siding — on commercial buildings and private residences. Individuals or business owners who need exterior cladding installed on a building can find services from many different companies, including cladding systems manufacturers, home improvement retailers, cladding installation specialists, or private contractors.

Cladding systems manufacturers can help homeowners or construction professionals narrow down the type of cladding they need for their building projects. Customers can choose from aluminum or vinyl siding, wood cladding in various colors and stains, stone cladding, concrete, or stucco. Cladding companies who sell products like interior wall veneers or exterior building facades will typically consult with customers to provide the product that will give the desired look, as well as give customers information about the installation process of their chosen cladding product.

Many construction companies choose to hire cladding firms.
Many construction companies choose to hire cladding firms.

Companies that manufacture construction products such as siding or stucco will often provide cladding systems installation services as well. Homeowners or construction firms can often save money by purchasing cladding products and installation services from one company. The cladding companies that also manufacture their own products tend to be more knowledgeable about installation techniques.

While many construction firms choose to hire cladding companies, a private homeowner can always purchase a cladding product from a home improvement store. Home improvement retailers also sell cladding products and systems for homeowners who wish to install cladding themselves. Some home improvement retailers also offer installation services for their products.

Cladding companies who specialize in installation of exterior or interior cladding can also provide valuable installation services to homeowners and construction companies. Since these companies specialize in finishing exterior and interior walls, they will be knowledgeable about what type of cladding system will be best for the building site. Cladding installation companies can advise homeowners or architects about cladding systems as well as provide installation services at a reasonable price.

When choosing a cladding company for a building project, homeowners and construction professionals should examine the company’s track record as well as their pricing. Cladding companies who can provide references for finished jobs will likely be more trustworthy. While it is important to get the best price, the cladding company must get the job done and do it well.

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    • Many construction companies choose to hire cladding firms.
      By: ndoeljindoel
      Many construction companies choose to hire cladding firms.