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What are Steel Buildings?

S. Mithra
S. Mithra

Steel buildings use I-beams and metal sheeting to build sturdy structures rather than wood, vinyl, or asphalt. The framing, walls, siding, and roofs of steel buildings are all made of metal. These strong, resilient, inexpensive, and attractive buildings can form a business like an office, warehouse, or workshop, a full-size modern home, or other property improvements like a storage shed and garage.

As an alternative to traditional wood-framed structures, steel buildings have many advantages. They withstand natural disasters because metal doesn't absorb water and rot nor catch fire and incinerate. Steel buildings are also more flexible when hit with an earthquake and stronger when battered by high winds of a hurricane. In addition, they are less expensive to build that masonry or wood buildings because steel studs are lighter and have prefabricated elements that make them simpler to join. The materials are also recycled and recyclable.

I-beams are a critical component of steel buildings.
I-beams are a critical component of steel buildings.

Certain simple construction projects, such as storage shelters for boats, airplanes, cars, farm equipment, or animals, are available as prefabricated modular units. These non-residential steel buildings resemble basic cubes or rounded quonset huts, with integrated corrugated roofs and sides that make them weatherproof. The kits can be delivered right to your property. They're easy to assemble, with minimal wiring, windows, vents, and entrances.

A steel quonset hut.
A steel quonset hut.

Functional and attractive homes are also created out of steel. They are engineered to withstand variable weather yet designed so you can't differentiate them from traditional brick or lumber homes. Steel buildings make great houses because they are fully customizable yet have short construction schedules. They are available with colored roofs, designer siding, insulation, and all the other amenities. Metal can be painted any color of the rainbow. Some homeowners prefer steel because it doesn't contribute to deforestation and eliminates the possible hazards of lumber impregnated with chemicals. Many elements, such as the roofing tiles, do not need as much maintenance as asphalt or wood shake. Steel buildings as residences can even lower property insurance.

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Are there pictures of such residences? Plans? Sounds great but I have never run across such a residence.

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    • I-beams are a critical component of steel buildings.
      I-beams are a critical component of steel buildings.
    • A steel quonset hut.
      By: pseudo obscure
      A steel quonset hut.
    • A steel disc.
      By: Nomad_Soul
      A steel disc.
    • Metal sheeting is used to build steel buildings.
      By: Kybele
      Metal sheeting is used to build steel buildings.