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What Is Wire Cloth?

Wire cloth is a versatile fabric woven from metal wires, akin to a standard textile yet imbued with the strength and durability of metal. It serves in filtration, screening, and protective applications, marrying flexibility with resilience. Intrigued by its myriad uses and how it's crafted to meet specific needs? Dive deeper to unravel the intricacies of wire cloth.
Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

A wire cloth is a product that is derived from weaving various strands of a defined metallic alloy, which may be brass, aluminum, bronze or stainless steel. The weaves or patterns that are applied during the weaving of the alloy differ and may be determined either by the purpose for which the wire cloth is designated by the specifications of the customer or client in the case of contract manufacturing, where companies that specialize in making wire cloth will be contracted on behalf of the client. Generally, the pattern of the weaves have spaces in between them that may be shaped in various geometric patterns, ranging from diamond-shaped patterns to square- or rectangular-shaped patterns. The size of the space in between the wires also differs and may be very tight or large, which is also determined by the purpose of the wire cloth.

Around the home, the wire cloth can be put to various uses, ranging from home protection to the manufacture of kitchen utensils. An example of a product that is manufactured using wire cloth is an insect screen, which may be put over a door opening or a window opening to serve as a barrier to the entry of insects into the home. Such screen doors may be mounted on slides and placed in the grooves in front of patios, or the wire cloth may be fixed to swinging doors that swing outward to allow for ease of entry. One of the qualities of such mesh materials used in making door and window coverings is the fact that they are usually tightly woven to prevent the entry of insects. The wire cloth may also be used in making sieves and dividers for the storage of materials in the kitchen.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

In the industrial setting, this material is also put to various uses, ranging from protection purposes to incorporation in the manufacturing process. For instance, the cloth might be woven with a larger diameter wire and larger spacing to be used as a sort of barrier to prevent access to certain machinery. The cloth might also be used to augment certain production materials, depending on the particular product under consideration. For example, it may be used in the manufacture of the discs that are used as sittings for certain machine parts.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill