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What is Turbo Seal?

M. Walker
M. Walker

Turbo Seal is a waterproofing material that is made from a polymer rubber with added adhesive compounds. It is created from approximately 25% post consumer recycled substances, and its main distinguishing quality is that it does not cure or fully dry. Developed at the Seoul National University of Technology, the material has since been classified as a breakthrough in technology. Turbo Seal is used in a wide range of waterproofing applications, such as underground parking garages, roofing, and injection grouting for concrete.

Some features of Turbo Seal include self-healing abilities, adhesion, durability, and lack of toxicity. Since the compound doesn’t completely cure, it remains pliable and flexible after application, allowing it to resist external stress and vibration. This causes it to re-seal any potential punctures or tears in the material, giving it the trademark self-healing ability. The material is able to resist large changes in hydrostatic pressure and performs equally well underwater.

Turbo Seal is used to waterproof parking garages.
Turbo Seal is used to waterproof parking garages.

Unlike cured waterproofing compounds, Turbo Seal holds itself together in one layer and one integrated component, eliminating the need for layering processes and reducing the likelihood of cracks or loss of integrity. Re-application becomes a much simpler process because more material can essentially be added to the original. Not only does this save on cost and time, but it also reduces the potential for application mistakes, especially when compared with more traditional waterproofing methods that involve complex layering processes.

Turbo Seal is also non-toxic, chemically stable, and adhesive to a wide range of other materials. The material lacks any harmful solvents, does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), is not flammable, and retains chemical integrity. It also maintains resistance to freezing at low temperatures and losing form at high temperatures.

There are different types of Turbo Seal that are specialized for certain waterproofing processes. One mixture is ideal for waterproofing large-scale structures, and different mixtures will be better for drilling and injection. Leakage repair will also require slightly different make-ups of the material, as it will need to permeate cracks and punctures. Common applications of these various compounds include roofing, concrete reinforcement, and both above and below ground parking garage waterproofing.

Blind side waterproofing has also experienced success with Turbo Seal because it remains adhesive and resists tearing over long periods of time. During commercial excavation, the material ultimately reduces the total ground area excavated. Not only is preventing over-excavation environmentally friendly, but Turbo-Seal’s lack of toxicity also leaves a much smaller environmental footprint than other waterproofing methods.

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    • Turbo Seal is used to waterproof parking garages.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      Turbo Seal is used to waterproof parking garages.