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What Is the Digital Signage Industry?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

The digital signage industry is a term that is used in reference to the use of different types of visual electronic platforms for the purpose of relaying information or passing a message. This type of display is mostly used for advertising, but it can also be used for the simple purpose of relaying information that is not geared toward any form of marketing or advertising. In the application of the digital signage industry toward advertising, the process could be applied in an astonishing variety of ways and in a wide number of industries. For example, the process could be in the form of a television program, or it could be used to display options to people by a business that has many products to offer. The signage could be displayed in many places like restaurants, airports, offices and a host of other areas.

One of the applications of the digital signage industry is in the production of electronic displays in restaurants. A common example of this can be seen in fast food restaurants where such signs are abundantly used to display menus with pictures that have the prices of the items displayed as well. In this case, the signs play the role of visual stimulants that give an enticing and tempting view of the offerings by the restaurant, in addition to the prices for the items. The process of ordering from a drive through is one example of the advances in the digital signage industry. Customers approach the display with the offerings, and they select what they want based on what they see.

Woman waving
Woman waving

Another example of the effect of the digital signage industry can be seen at various airports where such signs are used liberally to display information and advertisement from both the authorities and various advertisers, usually in the form of different sized screens with the information. For instance, the screens usually display the different flight times and any other information the management of the airport wishes to convey to the passengers. On the other hand, some signs have images of the products of various manufacturers and retailers, such as perfume manufacturers or many advertisers on one sign. In the offices, the digital signage industry has made its mark as can be seen in places like banks where the signs are used to convey various types of information to the customers of the bank.

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    • Woman waving
      Woman waving