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What is Orbit Irrigation?

Orbit Irrigation is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial watering systems, renowned for innovation in products like sprinklers, timers, and drip irrigation. Their solutions aim to conserve water while ensuring lush, healthy landscapes. How does Orbit balance environmental responsibility with effective irrigation? Join us as we examine their approach to sustainable water management.
Donn Saylor
Donn Saylor

Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of irrigation products and sprinkler systems. The merchandise developed by the company aims to create appealing landscapes with an awareness of water conservation. Products are available to both residential and commercial buyers.

Orbit Irrigation produces several lines of sprinklers and irrigation systems. The WaterMaster® brand consists of underground irrigation products, which include sprinklers and accessories, as well as valves and irrigation timers. DripMaster® products are designed primarily for use in home gardens; the merchandise in this line carefully supplies water to smaller areas and greatly lessens the amount of excess water lost during irrigation. The SunMate® line is comprised solely of irrigation products manufactured for use with hoses; these items include sprinklers, nozzles, and pistols. Orbit's ArizonaMist® offers misting systems with adjustable levels of pressure for large or small spaces; these products both irrigate the soil and keep temperatures cool.

Orbit Irrigation supplies over 2,000 different products to businesses and individual consumers. Their merchandise is sold in 40 countries around the globe. Orbit's product lines are available at hardware and discount stores worldwide.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

The irrigation design of all Orbit products honors the company's commitment to sensible water management. The motto "Conservation through Innovation™" is the inspiration for all of Orbit Irrigation's product lines. The company's researchers devote themselves to discovering and keeping abreast of the latest trends in irrigation technology, and they design products that make this technology accessible and affordable to consumers. Their instruction and information manuals also contain valuable water conservation tips for those using their products.

All of Orbit Irrigation's merchandise conforms to the standards set forth by ISO 9001. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines the requirements that must be met by "quality management systems." In addition to meeting these standards, Orbit Irrigation also ensures customers are receiving the best products available. This is guaranteed by the company's rigorous quality control department and customer-focused environment.

Orbit Irrigation does far more than supply an end product to consumers. Their merchandise includes warranties that either meet or surpass industry trends. Technical support is available to help get products installed correctly and maintained appropriately. For commercial customers, Orbit has local professionals who will support and train a company's employees on the ins and outs of the product. Orbit is widely known and respected throughout the industry for their exceptional customer service, which includes account managers, sales teams, and customer service representatives.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower