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What is Landscaping Brick?

Landscaping brick is a versatile building material used to enhance outdoor spaces. These durable bricks can create walkways, edging, and retaining walls, adding both function and aesthetic appeal to gardens and yards. With a variety of colors and textures, they offer endless design possibilities. How will you reimagine your outdoor sanctuary with the timeless beauty of landscaping brick?
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Landscaping brick is block-like material used in residential or commercial outdoor landscape design. There are many different shapes and sizes of brick as well as a vast array of landscaping projects. Landscaping brick can be used in creating walkways, driveways, patios, steps, walls, swimming pool decks, and garden borders.

A brick contractor usually offers clients many different options for landscape design. The placement of the bricks alone can give different looks to the same driveway or patio. For example, a fish-bone landscaping brick pattern features bricks angled on edge from a center line, while fan masonry patterns have semi-circular shapes that overlap each other.

Moss growing between cobblestone landscaping brick.
Moss growing between cobblestone landscaping brick.

Landscaping brick contractors typically plan different brick layouts from which homeowners may choose. For example, if a homeowner wants a masonry contractor to make a brick deck for an outdoor swimming pool, contractors will often present several options in the sizes, colors, and shapes of the bricks to be used. Once the homeowner makes his or her decision, contractors commonly lay the outside frame first and then fill in the brick pattern. Sand mixture is used to fill in the spaces between the bricks to keep the finished brick landscaping piece sturdy.

In the past, traditional brick was frequently used for sidewalks and other paved areas.
In the past, traditional brick was frequently used for sidewalks and other paved areas.

The look and texture of landscaping brick varies widely. In addition to the classic porous, reddish-toned bricks, there are flatter, light-colored cobblestone brick types, plus many other styles. Flagstone is wide, flat irregular-shaped landscaping material that is especially popular for walkways because of its eye-catching dark color that contrasts well with grassy lawns.

Using brick landscaping can be an ideal way to give style and definition to yards that are basically large expanses of grass. For instance, flowers can be planted in containers built from brick in one area of the yard. A brick pathway can divide the planters from the rest of the yard. A brick driveway and brick steps can further add to the cohesiveness of the brick landscape accents.

Masonry driveways or walls with posts can add great curb appeal to a house. Curb appeal means that the front exterior of a house looks attractive to most people, including potential homebuyers. Even a small brick walkway and a few masonry planters can make a house look more attractive. Like plant landscapes, landscaping brick can create interesting accents for the eye to look at; just as the difference between two flower planters near the front door can make a difference, so can brick rather than plain cement steps. Brick is also a durable material that stands up well to many different weather conditions.

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@spotiche5- I think that it would be pretty to place a pathway of red bricks leading to your flower garden, then circle them around it. Top it off with red-colored mulch, and you will have an attractive, inviting look that doesn't cost a lot to achieve.

To keep your bricks securely in place, you can add mortar in between them. Just make sure you choose a time when mild, dry weather is predicted for several days in a row to ensure that the mortar dries completely.


What is an inexpensive way to landscape with bricks around a garden? I would to enhance the look of my flower garden with red bricks.

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    • Moss growing between cobblestone landscaping brick.
      By: Alex Petelin
      Moss growing between cobblestone landscaping brick.
    • In the past, traditional brick was frequently used for sidewalks and other paved areas.
      In the past, traditional brick was frequently used for sidewalks and other paved areas.