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What Is Coated Wire Mesh?

Coated wire mesh is a versatile material featuring a wire netting encased in a protective polymer layer, enhancing durability and corrosion resistance. Ideal for various applications, from fencing to filtration, its coating can be tailored for specific environments. Curious about how coated wire mesh can solve your needs? Discover its myriad uses and benefits in our comprehensive guide.
Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

A wire mesh is a type of product that is created by weaving wire strands in interlocking patterns to create a kind of mesh design. In order to create a coated wire mesh, the manufacturer will apply some kind of material, usually plastic, to the wire mesh as a sort of protective coating. A wire mesh with coating is used for various purposes, ranging from industrial uses to specified uses in the home. The size of the gaps between the individual strands of wire and the diameter of the various strands vary and are usually determined by how the coated wire mesh will be applied. Another consideration is the material that is used in making the wire underneath the coating, something that may be made using materials like iron, brass or aluminum.

One of the reasons a coated wire mesh may be preferable over an uncoated wire mesh is the fact that the application of the coating on wire preserves the lifespan of wire mesh beyond what would have been possible without such coating. The reason for this is that the coating protects the metal components from the adverse effects of the elements, especially when the wire mesh is utilized outdoors or in close proximity to water or to steam. For example, a crab or lobster cage made using coated wire will last much longer than one that is constructed using uncoated wire since the coating will protect the wire from rust far longer than would have been possible without it. The same can be seen when a coated wire mesh is used in constructing a fence, since the coating on the wire will protect it from rust and general degradation longer.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Another reason for the preference of a coated wire mesh over an uncoated one is practicality, as is the case with coat hangers. Some coat hangers are designed utilizing wire mesh, and the application of a protective coating will serve as a measure of protection for the cloth from rust as well as as a measure of protection for the consumers from any jagged edge protruding from the wire. The same conclusion can be drawn from the application of coated wire mesh in industrial usage.

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Plastic Coating made of powder coating adheres much better to the wire than the thick PVC. Plus it is aesthetically unobtrusive to the eye so you do not see it as much as the thick vinyl coat. As consumers we do want the fence protection and at the same time we do not want to see it. Plus its color lasts much longer against the powerful UV rays of the sun without the color fading as fast as the thick vinyl coating.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill