What Is a Wire Mesh Conveyor?

A wire mesh conveyor is a robust, versatile system designed to transport items across various industries. Its interlocking metal wires form a sturdy belt that handles heat and weight, making it ideal for food processing or manufacturing. With its adaptability and durability, it's an invaluable tool in a streamlined production line. Ready to see how it can revolutionize your operations?
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A wire mesh conveyor is a system often used in various types of industrial settings to move heavy objects from one end of a space to another. This system differs from other types of conveyors in the type of belt used to transport items: the belt is made from a wire mesh that is flexible, durable, and easily cleaned, unlike other conveyor materials such as rubber. The wire mesh conveyor is often used in food processing plants because it can be cleaned easily, it will not contaminate the food being transported, and it allows for ventilation and aeration.

The belt itself is made from steel wire that is woven to create a long sheet. This sheet will loop around a series of cylinders or pulleys that keep the mesh belt on track. The length, width, and shape of the wire mesh conveyor system can vary significantly according to the intended use, as well as the space in which the system is installed. The specifications of the machine will have an impact on what types of items or materials can be transported along the wire mesh conveyor system. The weave of the wire mesh can also have an impact on how useful it will be for certain types of materials; this is an especially important consideration in food processing settings.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The disadvantage of a wire mesh conveyor when compared to other materials is the cost: the wire mesh is likely to be more expensive than a rubber belt or even plastic mesh, though the metal wire mesh is also likely to last a lot longer than other materials. The wire mesh will also be heavier than other materials, which means the motor of the conveyor system will have to work harder to move the belt. Durability is the main advantage of a wire mesh conveyor, as is ease of cleaning and tensioning.

Wire mesh belts are also heat-resistant, which means a wire mesh conveyor can be used in conjunction with heaters or ovens. Restaurants may, for example, use a small wire mesh conveyor system to cook foods quickly; the mesh belt will run through a specially designed oven, and food items can be placed on the belt to pass through the system. The belt itself will not be damaged by the heat of the oven, but the foods can be cooked quickly and evenly as the belt moves slowly through the oven.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book