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What is a Welding Table?

A welding table is a robust surface where metalworkers join materials with precision and safety. It's the foundation of quality craftsmanship, designed to withstand high heat and provide a stable workspace. With features like clamps and slots, it's an essential tool for any welding project. Ready to see how a welding table can elevate your metalwork? Join us as we examine its pivotal role.
Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

A welding table is a waist-level platform that serves as a workbench when completing work in metal fabrication with welding. The welding table is useful during this process because it provides a stable area on which to work, as well as assistance with measuring and squaring. A welding table generally ranges in size from 20" x 40" (50.8 x 101.6 cm) to 6½" x 13" (16.51 x 33.02 cm). All welding tables, no matter the size, are made of steel capable of withstanding the rigors of welding.

There are many jobs a person can perform with a welding table. For example, a welding table is versatile enough to be used as a platform for measuring, gauging, and squaring corners. A welding table can also be used for mounting purposes in order to bend brakes and jigs.

Often, a welder’s clamp is also attached to the welding table. This makes it possible for the welder to keep the work in place. It also can be used to keep cables out of the way while welding.

Many welders choose to build their own welding table. In this way, the table can be customized to suit personal needs. Do-it-yourself welding tables can cost as little as 50 US dollars (USD) for the basic materials.

Welding goggles.
Welding goggles.

When building a welding table, it is important to be in a well-ventilated area to prevent inhalation of fumes and gases. The best location for building a welding table is an area where the wind can pull the gases away. In addition, there is a risk of electrocution when building a welding table. Therefore, it is important to wear dry leather gloves that are free of holes while working on the construction of the table.

A ready-made welding table can cost 199 USD or more. The latest trend, however, is the modular welding table. This type of welding table makes it possible to join together multiple tables when necessary for larger jobs.

The welding table can also include numerous accessories. For example, some include a hot-rolled steel grill top. Some also have a drawer-like tray on the underside of the grill in order to catch the debris that falls while welding.

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Discussion Comments


If I already have an old steel work table, is it appropriate to use for welding?

It's a little rusty, but I'm trying to avoid having to build a welding table until I'm sure I really want to get into this.


It can also be really convenient to make a portable welding table, or to convert your existing welding table into a portable one by putting it on wheels.

That way you can move it around for different projects, it is more convenient, and you can always make sure you move it to an area with proper ventilation.


If you're building a steel welding table, make sure that you choose a good alloy.

Also, if you make it too thin, it will get all banged up and could push up in the middle from all the heat from your welding.

You should probably aim for a sheet of 1020 steel about half and inch thick (at least).

There are a lot of websites out there with good welding table plans, so be sure to do your homework before you start -- it will really save you some headaches later.

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    • Welding goggles.
      By: mbongo
      Welding goggles.
    • Many welders build their own welding table.
      By: Laurentiu Iordache
      Many welders build their own welding table.