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What is a Threaded Stud?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

In manufacturing, a metal stud is a strong bolt used in the construction of buildings, motors, or manufacturing equipment. A threaded stud is a steal bolt that typically has threads on both sides. This bolt is screwed into a metal surface and placed between two objects. The object is secured with a nut on the adjacent threaded area of the bolt. Threaded studs are stronger then normal bolts because they are forged and cast into shape as a solid metal unit.

A normal threaded bolt has a single threaded side with a nut head on the opposite side, which used for tightening. This design is weaker than a threaded stud because the nut head can break off under tension. A threaded nut and bolt design will not break under tension because the nut is screwed onto the stud.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Threaded studs come in many sizes and materials. These studs are used in all facets of construction and mechanical engineering. They are made of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, and carbon steel. Various types of studs are used for specific products, each of which require a particular material.

Many underground plumbing and construction pipes use threaded studs as the primary connection device. These pipes are secured with threaded studs to add strength. This is accomplished by using nuts over the stud for additional strength and tightening capability.

Threaded studs can be found in automobiles. Most motors include heads, which are placed on the top of the motor. High-performance cars use a threaded stud to provide additional strength for the head attachment. The studs are screwed into the motor and the head is then placed on the studs, where it is tightened to the motor with a nut on the apposing threaded area of the stud. This provides better strength than single-steel threaded bolt designs.

Threaded rod concrete anchors are another example of threaded studs. These studs are used to secure walls to concrete floors. The steel threaded stud is inserted in the concrete and secured with a nut, holding the wall boards to the concrete floor. This provides additional reinforcement for side walls of foundations for buildings.

A threaded ball stud is another form of threaded stud. This special type of stud is used in trailer hitches on trucks and cars. The threaded area is screwed into the frame of the vehicle with the ball joint protruding above the bumper. The threaded ball stud provides strength and support because the entire unit is cast into this formed shape.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill