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What is a Roller Gate?

A roller gate is a type of sliding gate that operates on wheels, gliding along a track for smooth, efficient access control. Ideal for properties where space is at a premium, it combines security with convenience, seamlessly integrating into various environments. Curious about how a roller gate could enhance your property's entry points? Let's explore the possibilities together.
Alexis W.
Alexis W.

A roller gate is an enclosure system that utilizes different roller or wheel setups. These wheels allow for the gate system to become portable, even in situations where the roller gate is considered heavy duty or industrial. The gate system is generally collapsible onto itself so the extended length of the gate can be altered as needed.

The length of the gate can be altered to either protect an area from outside interference or to enclose a specific area. For example, it may be used in instances of a hazardous spill. In instances where an entire area has become dangerous, the use of roller gates may also be employed to keep people from entering the contaminated area.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

One type of gate is a contained roller gate. These are used in more large-scale applications, such as runway closures or military base drills. The roller gates in these instances are often secured to the ground through channels that run in the tarmac so the roller gates can be deployed whenever needed. These channels often contain a guide system that consists of angled steel bars running the length of the channel, with concave rollers for the gate system that allow it to ride correctly on the angled guides and prevent the gate system from derailing off its designated route.

The roller gate systems that are used at many large airports around the world are automated. This means they can be deployed to seal off an area within minutes of realizing the need. They may be used to protect airport or even national security, or they could be used as a simple redirection technique to reroute a landed plane to the correct gate. In order for these gate systems to remain secure, however, they must also have some sort of connection method between the roller system and the channel the rollers ride in. This is usually achieved through the use of specially designed clips that keep the tires or rollers of the gate system locked within their designated track.

Smaller roller gate applications can be used to make the opening and closing of an apparatus as simple as a chain link fence gate easier and more efficient. These roller gate mechanisms are much easier to install and maintain than the larger roller gate systems used in airport and industrial settings. Some can also have motors installed on them, so they become automated and allow or prevent an individual from passing through a gate. These systems typically only utilize one to two wheels at best, and the limited wheels often glide either on the ground or over an angled guide attached to the ground underneath the gate.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill