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What is a Ring Bolt?

A ring bolt is a type of anchor bolt with a circular ring at the top, used for securing ropes or cables. It's commonly found on boats, docks, and in rock climbing. Its design ensures a secure, versatile connection point. Intrigued by how a simple ring can provide such strength and reliability? Discover the mechanics behind this essential tool's enduring utility.
B. Turner
B. Turner

A ring bolt is a type of specialty fastener that features a forged metal ring at one end, with a standard threaded shank at the base. A second, larger metal ring interlocks with the first forged ring. This second ring allows for objects to be fastened securely to the ring bolt, yet still maintain some degree of flexibility. The design of a ring bolt permits the second ring to rotate or articulate around the shank, making it possible to accommodate force from multiple angles.

These bolts can be used in a wide variety of applications, including both residential and commercial projects. They are often installed in the ground to help tie down covers or tarps over equipment. They may also be installed along truck beds or boats to hold specialty covers in place. A ring bolt is also useful to connect support cables or tie wires to the ground, such as those used to support a tent or canopy.


Before installing ring bolts, users must take the time to select the correct bolt for each application. These bolts can vary in size and diameter, which impacts strength and holding power. Bolts with a thicker, heavier construction can typically accommodate greater loads than smaller bolts. The ring size should also be matched to the object being fastened, whether it's a chain link, cable, or other fastener. Finally, users should evaluate different materials, such as steel or brass, and find one that best meets the needs of the project.

To install a ring bolt, users must first pre-drill holes large enough to accommodate the bolt's shank. The bolt can be screwed into place by hand, or via a wrench or pair of pliers. If the bolt is being used in a application where the end of the shank is exposed, a nut is often used to hold it in place. Depending on the application, these bolts may be used in materials ranging from wood to masonry.

While the ring bolt shares a number of characteristics with the standard eye bolt, these two fasteners are designed for different types of projects. The eye bolt has a single ring forged to the top of the shank, while the ring bolt has an additional ring that articulates around this first forged ring. This means that the eye bolt is designed to accommodate forces from straight above or below, while the ring bolt can handle forces coming from an angle. The articulating ring on the ring bolt means that the fastener is less likely to bend or fail when subject to angular force.

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