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What Is a Pulley Roller?

Jean Marie Asta
Jean Marie Asta

A pulley roller is a round or cylindrically shaped roller used as the axle of a pulley system. Most often, these types of pulleys are seen on devices such as conveyor belts, treadmill machines, and many other machines in the manufacturing and industrial fields. When used in a machine, this component must be strong, have high wear resistance, and have low friction coefficients. Pulley rollers are built to withstand extreme temperatures and provide a reduction in noise levels, which is a benefit in industrial fields where workers’ hearing must be protected. Rollers are used in household appliances as well.

One type of machine that uses the pulley roller mechanism is the exercise machine known as a treadmill. This exercise machine is used for walking, jogging, or running in place. Treadmills can be plugged into an electrical outlet and use an electrical motor to operate. This motor has a pulley system that connects to a particular fan belt, which in turn connects to a second pulley and concentrically mounts to the pulley roller component. A second pulley roller mounts at the treadmill’s foot end and allows the belt to rotate freely, creating a continuous loop that is powered by the programmable electrical motor.

A treadmill uses a pulley roller.
A treadmill uses a pulley roller.

An industrial use for the pulley roller is also seen in a device called a cutting assembly. This machine uses a blade to cut through thin materials like paper and is mounted on the device, which is connected to a pulley system that uses tension and pulley rollers. Through a series of gears, the device is pulled along a track, with its pulley wheels mounted to the track. The device mounts to the track with a belt and the belt is held together by a series of pulley rollers. As the entire assembly operates, paper is cut by the device’s blade in a continuous, looping fashion.

In household appliances, it is often necessary to have to replace a belt or to refasten a replacement pulley roller. This can potentially happen in treadmills as well. To replace the pulley roller, the power to the treadmill must be turned off and the machine unplugged from the electrical outlet. Once this is completed, the roller that is damaged must be removed from the machine. The replacement pulley roller, which should have the same dimensions as the previous roller, should have the belt wrapped around it and placed back on to the machine.

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    • A treadmill uses a pulley roller.
      By: starush
      A treadmill uses a pulley roller.