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What is a Hybrid Saw?

A hybrid saw combines the best of contractor and cabinet saws, offering the power and precision of the latter with the portability and affordability of the former. It's a versatile tool for woodworkers who demand high-quality cuts without committing to a stationary machine. Ready to enhance your woodworking projects? Discover how a hybrid saw can elevate your craft.
Alexis W.
Alexis W.

Hybrid saws are tabletop saws that are similar to high-end cabinet or contractor saw tables. Like other table saws, they are constructed in a full enclosure that reaches from the top of the saw to the floor. Although they have similarities with cabinet and contractor saws, they generally are more compact and have other significant differences.

Contractor saws are circular saws mounted onto a heavy table and generally are used by those who do not require extra voltage. They are typically heavy and durable, and are less portable than hybrid saws. Cabinet saws consist of a mounted circular saw on a cabinet and are the largest and heaviest of all table saws. Cabinet saws usually are more stable and the reduced vibration allows for smoother cuts; however, they are considered an expensive option for most home users.


Hybrid saws are considered to be in between the size of contractor saws and cabinet saws. They are typically are lighter than cabinet saws and heavier than contractor table saws. Hybrid saws are able to support larger fences than a contractor saw. For reasons of safety, their blades tilt away from the fence.

A hybrid saw also offers many other differences that can make it the best choice for home use. Many hybrid saws offer a sliding table top in order to improve cross cutting and their mechanisms vary more than cabinet or contractor table saws. They usually offer a competitive price and their construction is aimed at improving the collection of dust. Most also offer a large stop button that can be operated by the knee, and their metal construction gives them great stability.

The amount of power required by a hybrid saw is smaller than that of a cabinet or contractor saw as well. A cabinet saw table for instance requires a 220 current whereas a hybrid saw table requires only a 110 current. Generally a hybrid saw table requires a 1 or .75 horsepower motor. Cabinet saws on the other hand require a 3 horsepower motor, or more.

Hybrid table saws operate on a single belt drive system, whereas a cabinet saw table requires three belts to operate. A hybrid saw table uses a grooved belt. Its grooves are designed to match up to the grooves on the pulley system underneath which helps to prevent slipping.

Typically, hybrid saws do not require much room, and their strong construction provides lower shaking and vibration. Their superior dust collecting feature makes them a perfect table saw for working in small or enclosed spaces. They are generally portable, which means they can be moved outdoors or indoors as the need arises.

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