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What is a Hook Bolt?

J. Airman
J. Airman

A hook bolt is a curved steel fastener that resembles the top part of a question mark. The long, straight section of a hook bolt is usually threaded and may come with one or two nuts screwed on. Hook bolts are a type of anchor bolt commonly used to hang items from ceilings and walls. Most hook bolts are made of hardened stainless steel so they can handle heavy weight without bending or breaking. Standard hook bolts have an open end to make it quick and easy to remove and rehang items.

The straight, threaded end on a hook bolt is flat and does not taper like the end of a hook screw. Installation of a hook bolt usually requires the drilling of a guide hole. Hook bolt fasteners are regularly bolted into wooden studs behind the drywall on a wall or ceiling for added stability. Standard and locking washers are commonly applied to the joint between a hook bolt and a wall to keep the bolt from becoming loose from weight and vibration. Some hook bolts are designed to be screwed into bolt anchors that expand inside the wall to lock the hook in place.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Most manufacturers list the weight capacity limits on the packaging of hook bolts. Generally the thicker the diameter of the hook bolt, the more weight it is capable of handling. The chance of failure and damage can be greatly reduced by dividing the weight of a heavy hanging object among a few different hook bolts. Bridging the gap between a heavy hanging items and hook bolts with strong springs reduces the direct impact on the fastener for added strength and security. Hanging chairs often come complete with mounting hardware that includes hooks bolts and heavy gauge springs.

Installing a few well-placed hook bolts can open up new storage and decoration possibilities in a home or business. A hook bolt is the fastener to secure hanging plants and hanging art. The inexpensive and versatile hook bolt has thousands of indoor and outdoor applications. Most hook bolts can be removed and reinstalled in another location in minutes with very little damage to the walls. Floor space in a crowded room can be increased by securing hook bolts in a ceiling to work as pulleys so that occasional-use items like bikes and off-season clothing can be tied to a rope and hoisted up and out of the way.

Discussion Comments


My sister has a somewhat unusual use for hook bolts. She has a teething puppy, and he is crazy about shoes. So, she uses hook bolts to hang her shoes from the ceiling.

Guests to her home are taken aback by the sight of tennis shoes, sandals, and heels hanging from above the foyer. When she explains the reason for it, they tell her it’s genius!

Just about any type of shoe can be hung from a hook bolt. With loafers and flats, she hooks them under where the toes go. With boots, she just lays them horizontally across several hooks.


I have always been fascinated by what I call “alternative lighting,” and I use hook bolts to help me hang different fixtures. I have to run cord along the ceiling and wall to an electrical outlet, but it’s worth it.

I have a lighted disco ball that I got for Christmas one year. It is a black orb with holes in it covered by different colored plastic discs. It is hanging by a hook bolt, which provides plenty of support.

I also have a patterned cardboard star with holes in it hanging from a hook bolt. A light bulb is nestled inside of it, and when I turn it on, light shoots out through the holes and illuminates the star and the room. The hook attaches through a loop projecting from the top of the star.

I’ve never had any problems with hooks being pulled down from the ceiling by the weight of these fixtures. The hooks are quite strong, and I feel safe walking underneath the lights.


I live in a small home, so space is valuable to me. Hook bolts help free up some of it.

I have four badminton rackets, two tennis rackets, and a golf bag. I use rope and bolt hooks to hang these from the ceiling. I always know where they are when I need them, and I don’t have to trip over them when I’m not using them.

I also used hook bolts to add an extra rack to my closet. I have a lightweight rod that rests on two hook bolts, and I hang my breezy summer garments, pajamas, and other light clothing from it.


My dad works outdoors, and sometimes, he has to work even in rainy weather. He installed hook bolts to the ceiling of our porch so that he could hang his wet clothes outside.

The hook bolts are far enough from the edge of the porch that his clothes are sheltered from rain. Instead of just putting a hook on the wall, he wanted to hang them from the ceiling so that our big dogs could not reach his clothes to tear them down.

My mom is happy with this arrangement, because she doesn’t have to deal with water all over the floor from the dripping. Also, the clothes dry out before she even has to touch them.


I have a hanging wicker chair that I have had since I was a girl. I fell in love with this chair the first time I saw it, and saved all of my babysitting money so I could buy it.

At the time I didn't pay any attention to how my dad installed the chair in my room, but now realize that he used a large hook anchor bolt with a chain so it would support my weight.

When I brought the hanging chair to my house several years ago, I bought a stand for it so I didn't have to worry about using a hook bolt in the ceiling.

One advantage to using hook bolts is that it is easy to remove something you have hanging from them. This can make a big difference if is hanging down from a high place like a ceiling.


When it comes to hanging my plants and flowers, j hook bolts are my best friend. I have a lot of flower containers that I hang from my porch and these hook bolts work great.

They are heavy enough to hold the weight of the plant and I don't worry about them falling down. I have a wand that makes watering them really easy and this adds so much to the outside of my house in the summer.

I also have a couple long plants inside the house than I hang on hook bolts. As long as you have them securely fastened they work better than anything else I have tried.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill