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What is a Fuel Pump Valve?

Jean Marie Asta
Jean Marie Asta

A fuel pump valve is a part of a device that uses a form of fuel such as gasoline in order to power itself. These valves are found in all car engines and gas-powered generators. They also have a number of less common industrial uses. Mainly, however, they are used to control the amount of fuel received by an engine to ensure that it performs its functions in the most efficient way possible. Any time internal combustion is required to make a device or machine work, a fuel pump valve is used.

As mentioned above, the main use of a fuel pump valve is as a flow-regulating valve. Fuels such as gasoline must be mixed with the right amount of air to combust. A fuel pump valve allows the right mixture of oxygen and gasoline to ensure maximum performance of the engine.

Fuel pump valves are found in all automobile engines.
Fuel pump valves are found in all automobile engines.

The valve can be powered in two different ways. Originally they were all powered mechanically using a diaphragm that would draw and release air and fuel. In modern automobiles that method has largely been replaced by electronically powered valves. These send fuel into the engine with the exact amount of pressure and combine the fluid with exact amount of air needed for it to function efficiently.

Each common fuel pump valve is a form of one-way valve, also known as a check valve. A one-way valve only allows a fluid to pass through it in one direction. This is important because the pressure that builds up inside of a standard engine is very high in order to allow for the most efficient combustion. If the valve allowed the fluid to enter back into the reservoir that it came from it could cause an explosion, or at the very least, keep the engine from functioning at full capacity.

Another valve on the engine allows for the release of the exhaust produced in the combustion of gasoline and air. This action is precisely timed, either electronically or mechanically. The exhaust is released immediately after the fuel is combusted. It is only open for a brief time and closes right before more fuel is released through the fuel pump valve into the combustion chamber.

The fuel pump valve is one of the more important inventions, allowing for the use of the personal automobile. The high amount of pressure and energy created by the corresponding parts of an engine allows for the powering of large mechanical devices as well. These valves will continue to be in use as long as liquid fuels are used.

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    • Fuel pump valves are found in all automobile engines.
      By: fotohansel
      Fuel pump valves are found in all automobile engines.