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What Is a Dimpler®?

A Dimpler® is a specialized tool designed to streamline the process of driving screws into drywall, ensuring a perfect countersink every time. It prevents damage to the surface by controlling the depth of the screw. This ingenious device is a game-changer for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Curious about how a Dimpler® can revolutionize your next project? Let's dive deeper.
Alex Newth
Alex Newth

The Dimpler® is a drill attachment that uses a No. 2 Phillips head or other bit type and keeps drywall screws from going too deep into drywall, which is why it is also called a drywall screw setter. When someone uses a drill without the Dimpler®, there is a chance he or she may drill the screw in too deeply, meaning the screw can pop out easily; plus, it just looks unprofessional. There is a guard on this attachment that allows the bit to push slightly into the drywall, but only enough so the screw can be set. Non-professionals use this tool more often that professional drywall hangers do, because they do not work with drywall on a regular basis and may find it easier to make mistakes.

Drywall is a relatively soft material that is easy to drill through. When securing drywall, it is best practice to drill screws through the surface so it attaches to the wood behind. A regular drill bit does not contain a guard, so it is very easy to go too far into the drywall and ruin the installation. By going in too deep, the drywall can become brittle in the screwed areas, and the screws can pop out. This also can strip the screws, making them useless.

Construction crews use Dimplers to ensure proper installation of drywall screws.
Construction crews use Dimplers to ensure proper installation of drywall screws.

With the Dimpler® attachment, the drill will only go far enough into the drywall to properly install the screw. Placing a guard over the bit itself does this. The head of the bit pokes out slightly, so only a tiny portion pushes into the drywall. By using this attachment, the user will be able to install screws without messing up. Unless the user places considerable force behind the drill, he or she will be unable to drill the screw in too deeply.

The Dimpler® attachment is primarily made to handle a No. 2 Phillips head bit. This is because most drywall screws use this bit size, making it the most versatile. Different bit shapes, such as square and hex bits, also can be placed in the guard, making the drill suitable for other screws.

Primarily, the market for Dimpler® attachments are non-professionals. This is not because the Dimpler® is an inferior product but because most professionals know how deeply they can install a drywall screw, so the guard is not as useful. While non-professionals are the main buyers, professionals sometimes use the guard for small and quick installations.

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    • Construction crews use Dimplers to ensure proper installation of drywall screws.
      By: Greg Pickens
      Construction crews use Dimplers to ensure proper installation of drywall screws.