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What Is a Crocus Cloth?

Jason Candanedo
Jason Candanedo

A crocus cloth is a soft piece of cloth that contains a layer of sandpaper on the surface. The cloth makes this type of sandpaper, which is made of natural minerals, very flexible. This cloth comes in various grits, including fine, course and medium. Like other types of sandpaper, it can be found in both sheets and rolls, ensuring that the right cloth is utilized for projects.

This cloth can be used in a number of ways, including by hand or attached to a sanding machine for larger projects. Crocus cloth is made to prevent damage to sensitive materials and surfaces, which is why it is used in industry to shape metal, such as jewelry, in addition to being used in the shaping and polishing of plastics. It can be purchased in hardware retail outlets for the average layperson, but it is also found in jewelry shops, industrial metal machine factories, and automotive shops to be used by the workers in these fields.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

One process in which a crocus cloth is often used is metal cleaning. After the metal has been treated with aluminum oxide, the sandpaper is used to smooth and polish the surface of the metal. The cloth can do this because of the fine grains it has, which also make it possible for it to bring out a deep shine in metals. It also can be used to repair scratches in surfaces by buffing them out.

The polishing properties of this cloth are why it is the material of choice for use on precious stones. Using conventional sandpaper might pose a problem when working with gem surfaces that are contoured or hard to reach. Crocus cloth easily solves this dilemma by reaching these surfaces because of its flexible nature.

Depending on factors such as the thickness of the cloth used, this material can be extremely durable. Of course, this also depends on the project in which it is being used. If it is a tougher project, the cloth might break down quicker than usual because of the intensity of its usage.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill