What is a Bucket Pump?

A bucket pump is a simple, yet ingenious device used to move liquids from one place to another. It operates using a bucket-shaped piston within a cylinder, creating a vacuum to draw fluid up and out with each stroke. This tool is essential in industries like agriculture and construction. Wondering how this age-old technology can benefit modern applications? Let's examine its versatility together.
Crystal K. Wilford
Crystal K. Wilford

A bucket pump is a pump that draws the contents from a reservoir and pushes it through a hose for dispersion. The reservoir is usually shaped like a bucket, which gives it its name. The device is used for liquids such as lubricants, fertilizers, pesticides, water or cleansing fluids. Usually, the bucket pump is reusable and easy to transfer from one containment tank to another with little hassle. Automotive companies often use bucket pumps as grease pumps, although the pump design can be adapted for use in a variety of industries.

The main parts of the bucket pump are generally fashioned of aluminum, steel or other lightweight alloys that have a high resistance to chemical corrosion. A metal cylinder attaches to the handle of the pump. The cylinder extends down inside the bucket, and a skirt or brace rests below the pump. The skirt, formed of rubber or some other flexible material, provides a seal against the lid and prevents the pump from falling into the bucket. Liquid is pulled up through a hose attached to the cylinder, and it can be released through a nozzle.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Although a bucket pump might not require a nozzle, one might be necessary for some thinner liquids or for tasks that require pressure to force a steady flow of liquid to the target area. These types of nozzles often have a squeezable handle much like a trigger, which will disperse the liquid to a desired spot only when the grip is manipulated. One hand is required to pump the liquid while the other controls the nozzle.

Many types of bucket pumps are designed specifically for one type of liquid and cannot be safely used with any other material. Some bucket pumps are constructed as permanent attachments to tank-like containers and cannot be used on any other device. Bucket pumps can sometimes tilt and roll from one location to another via permanently attached wheels and handles. Most of these specially constructed pumps have a reservoir resembling an enclosed tank rather than a bucket.

Although a bucket pump can usually be used multiple times, some cheaper versions can be disposed of after the contents of the bucket are fully exhausted. Almost any type of container, with or without a lid or top, can be converted for use with the pump. The only thing necessary for a container to have is a place to rest the skirt on an edge so that the cylinder can be submerged in the liquid inside.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill