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What are Throatless Shears?

Throatless shears are versatile cutting tools that allow for straight, curved, or irregular cuts in metal without the constraint of a traditional shear's back gauge. Their design enables continuous cutting on large sheets, making them ideal for intricate work. Curious about how throatless shears can revolutionize your metalworking projects? Discover their full potential in our detailed exploration.
Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

Throatless shears are hand operated tools with long blades that are used in metal fabricating, particularly with stainless steel. They are similar to heavy handshears and to snips, with the exception that throatless shears do not have handles. In addition, throatless shears are designed with just one blade that is anchored to a base. Using a long lever that is attached to the tip of the adjustable blade, the user applies pressure to the metal to be cut.

Throatless shears are a versatile tool in metal fabricating. Using throatless shears, the user can cut sheets of metal to any length desired. In addition, the metal can easily be turned in any direction, since throatless shears do not have handles to get in the way. Consequently, it is possible to follow notches or irregular lines when fabricating with throatless shears. Unlike fabricating with other types of shears, the metal does not become distorted when following unusual cut patterns with throatless shears, because it does not rub against handles or bend as it is forced past them.

Sheet metal can be cut with throatless shears.
Sheet metal can be cut with throatless shears.

Many metal fabricators consider throatless shears to be the perfect all-purpose tool for cutting metal because of the flexibility they offer in the types of cuts that can be made. In addition, the same throatless shears can generally be used to cut very heavy gauges of metal, as well as lighter metals, without causing any type of distortion. Throatless shears also have upper and lower blades that are positioned in such a manner that they do not cause knurls, or ridges, to occur, even if used for materials other than metal. In addition, the design of throatless shears ensures that grooves do not appear in the metal being fabricated. The clean cut produced by throatless shears also makes it relatively easy to clean up after completing a job.

Due to their versatility and ability to cut metals to any length desired, throatless shears are typically more expensive than other forms of shears. Depending on the weight of the steel to be fabricated, its gauge, and its width, throatless shears generally cost anywhere from 500 US dollars (USD) to 1,000 USD.

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    • Sheet metal can be cut with throatless shears.
      By: Kybele
      Sheet metal can be cut with throatless shears.