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What are the Different Types of Irrigation Tools?

Michelle Burton
Michelle Burton

An irrigation tool is any type of tool or device that is used to design, maintain, and/or repair irrigation systems. Irrigation tools are typically sold under several main categories, including drip and underground irrigation tools, sprinklers, hoses, and irrigation timers. Drip irrigation tools such as connectors, piping, and sprinklers are used to create overhead irrigation systems. These tools work together to help control the exact flow of water to flower and vegetable gardens.

Underground irrigation tools, such as pop-up heads and sprinklers, as well as irrigation timers and sprayers are used for one of the most popular types of irrigation systems — the underground irrigation system. This system works for lawns, flower gardens, and vegetable gardens, both big and small. Underground systems are also frequently used for custom landscaping projects.

Water pumps may be used to irrigate crops.
Water pumps may be used to irrigate crops.

Although not as high tech as timers and pop-up heads, watering cans are also an important, but often overlooked, irrigation tool. A simple watering can has several useful functions, but can be of most use when other equipment fails. Watering cans can be of great assistance during a drought to transport water from other sources. They help simplify hand watering when necessary, and this simple tool waters plants and flowers more evenly when nozzles become inefficient or when they malfunction.

While irrigation equipment such as garden hose repair parts, watering cans, nozzles, and hose carts fall under "repair and accessories," these irrigation supplies are just as important as the major types of tools. Without tools such as adapters, and quick fixes such as the hose mend, the average system would not function properly. Lack of adequate tools or repair products could quickly turn any system into an inconvenience to maintain or create unwanted replacement costs.

The different types of irrigation tools can be found through a variety of irrigation companies around the world. There are currently more than 3,000,000 suppliers and companies to choose from. Some specialize in irrigation equipment alone, while others may also sell plants and accessories that are commonly used to build gardens and design custom landscapes such golf courses, botanical gardens, or parks. These companies may sell supplies to individuals or they may sell wholesale to other entities, organizations, and governments. Companies that sell irrigation supplies and landscape accessories and plants may include home and garden stores, hardware and superstores, and even some department stores.

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    • Water pumps may be used to irrigate crops.
      By: Joe Gough
      Water pumps may be used to irrigate crops.