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What Are the Different Types of Industrial Design Materials?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

Industrial design is a field that encompasses the application of both a creative bent and a comprehensive understanding of technical principles toward the aim of developing innovative concepts. In order to properly express these skills and to fully allow the concepts to come to life, industrial designers must use a wide variety of materials. The types of industrial design materials to apply toward the development of a concept will be based on the particular type of project for which that material will be used. To this end, if the concept is for the creation of a type of food processor, the materials that will be used for this particular project will include a mixture of plastic, aluminum, steel and any other material that the design of the object requires. The types of industrial design materials to be utilized in a project are also related to the aim of the designer; if the aim is to produce an affordable item, cheap materials like rubber, recycled plastic and ceramics will be considered.

An inclusion in industrial design materials would be different types of metals that will be applied to any type of design concept that calls for such materials. The metals may not be the only material that will be applied to design, and they may only be used as a means for reinforcing the design rather than as a main component. For instance, metals may be used to make special types of screws that are unique to the project; in this sense, the screws only serve to hold joints together, while other materials like wood or plastic may be the main material. In other cases, the metal may be the main material that will be a recurring theme throughout the whole design project, while other materials may be used minimally. For example, if the design is for a type of a heavy duty security door that is able to withstand pressure, the main material may be some kind of metal and other materials may be completely limited in their application or totally absent from the design.


Another consideration when analyzing industrial design materials is the use for which the product intended. For instance, if the product is aimed toward young children, only materials that are deemed safe for such a demographic will be used. To this end, the products may be toys, and the materials used for production may include plastics and rubber, while excluding glass and metals.

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