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What Are the Best Tips for Winch Repairs?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

One of the best tips concerning making any winch repairs is to place the winch on a workbench, if possible, to perform any needed repairs. With the most common location for a winch being high overhead, following this tip certainly makes repair work much simpler to perform. Another tip for winch repairs is to spool all of the cable or chain off of the winch drum before starting repair work. This will make the winch much lighter to move around, preventing problems from wrestling with a very heavy winch on a workbench.

While winch repairs are not required often, the machines will occasionally require service. When this happens, there are tips to aid in the repair process that cannot only save time, but the tips can also create a safer work environment. By removing the winch from the overhead position, especially high above the shop floor, the potential for accidents related to slips and falls is lessened. A tip that can aid in the removal of the winch from the raised winching position is to use a smaller winch to lower the larger winch to the ground level.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

It is often possible to attach a small winch to the overhead structure that the primary winch hangs from. In doing so, the large winch can be safely lowered to begin the required winch repairs. If possible, another tip to aid in the winch repairs is to remove the cable or chain from the winch spool. This can often lighten the weight of the winch by half, making it much easier to manipulate the winch on a workbench while making winch repairs.

Another winch repair tip is to swap cable positions. When replacing the winch cable that was removed to make the repairs easier, it is best for individuals to reverse the cable on the winch drum. This will place the more worn section of cable on the bottom of the drum and place newer and less worn cable at the working end.

If it becomes necessary to make winch repairs while the winch is in its raised position, a tip that can prevent injury is to erect a scaffold under the winch. The required winch repairs can be completed better and safer from the platform of the scaffold than from the steps of a tall ladder. The large scaffold platform will also safeguard those on the ground against injury from falling tools and winch components.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book