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What Are the Best Tips for Mobile Home Removal?

Amy Rodriguez
Amy Rodriguez

Some of the best tips for mobile home removal are preparation, local regulation research, and hiring a qualified mover. The home itself needs to be prepared physically for the removal process. In addition, laws regarding movement of an oversize structure should be researched to ensure that it is lawful to use local roads for this purpose. A qualified home mover should always be hired to oversee and perform the mobile home removal procedure.

The removal process places significant strain on the structural supports of the mobile home. One important tip is to secure all the items within the mobile home; if possible, all furniture and loose items should be removed completely from the mobile home to reduce the overall weight and prevent accidental breakages. Any items that cannot be removed from the mobile home should be strapped down tightly.

Removing a mobile home takes preparation.
Removing a mobile home takes preparation.

Some home designs can be broken down into pieces for easier mobile home removal. Professional movers should consult the individual model's manual for specific break down directions. If possible, the movers should be familiar with the home model, such as workers from the actual dealership. Homeowners should not attempt to perform this process on their own as injury can easily occur when moving these large structures.

Before any mobile home removal process begins, the homeowner should verify particular road laws for moving a manufactured home. Some roads cannot physically support the weight of an oversize object; local authorities can help to devise a route that is safe for moving the home. For example, a professionally researched route will avoid overpasses that may be too low for the home to clear.

Local regulations may also dictate the time period that is approved for moving a large structure. If the time is flexible, another good tip for mobile home removal is agreeing on an odd hour for the transport. Early morning or late night moves will prevent large traffic interruptions from the slow moving oversize structure. In fact, some regions may offer a police escort to ensure a safe pathway.

A qualified mover will normally be licensed, insured, and bonded. Many times, it is a good practice to ask other mobile home owners of their experiences with certain movers; a good work ethic is typically rewarded by word of mouth recommendations. Once a mover is chosen, the homeowner should participate in the moving process by helping or observing the workers. An improperly balanced mobile home placed on a towing vehicle is quite obvious, for example; if the homeowner sees an issue, he or she should point out the problem immediately.

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    • Removing a mobile home takes preparation.
      By: Siegfried Schnepf
      Removing a mobile home takes preparation.