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What are the Advantages of Polystyrene Tiles?

B. Turner
B. Turner

Polystyrene tiles consist of thin squares of foam that can be used to refinish an existing ceiling. These tiles feature the same texture and consistency as foam packing materials, yet offer a number of finish options to match many different types of home décor. Polystyrene tiles offer many advantages over traditional ceiling materials, including gypsum and tin ceiling tiles. Not only are these tiles inexpensive and easy to install, but they also last for years with little or no maintenance.

One of the primary advantages to polystyrene tiles is their lightweight construction. This allows homeowners to quickly and easily install these tiles using only basic tools and supplies. Installers need a simple utility knife to cut the tiles to fit the ceiling, as well as a ruler or straight edge to keep cuts clean and even. Most basic tile adhesives can be applied to the corners of each tile to hold it in place. There is no need for fasteners or added framing, as these tiles can simply be pressed into place on the existing ceiling surface.

A utility knife makes installing polystyrene tiles easier.
A utility knife makes installing polystyrene tiles easier.

Another advantages to using polystyrene tiles is the large variation in design and finish options. These tiles offer one of the fastest methods of covering an ugly popcorn ceiling, and are often molded or embossed to resemble tin ceiling tiles. Tiles come in many patterns and styles, including smooth or flush models. Each tile can be painted using a roller or paint sprayer to create the desired finish.

Polystyrene tiles also require very little maintenance compared to many other finishes. While wood and metal can be sensitive to changes in temperature, polystyrene holds its shape regardless of temperature changes. Unlike wood or gypsum, this material offers a very high level of resistance to moisture, and won't warp or rot when exposed to moisture or humidity. These tiles are also resistance to damage from termites and other pests. Homeowners will typically find that these tiles only need to be wiped clean using a damp rag and any mild cleanser.

Another advantage to polystyrene foam is its natural insulating properties. Not only can tiles made from this material help to improve thermal resistance within a room, they also absorb sound from overhead. Unlike other ceiling tiles, polystyrene tiles can be attached directly to an existing ceiling. This means that polystyrene tiles may be used to produce a dramatic change in the appearance of a room without a resulting loss in ceiling height.

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    • A utility knife makes installing polystyrene tiles easier.
      By: J and S Photography
      A utility knife makes installing polystyrene tiles easier.