What are Industrial Tires?

Industrial tires are specialized rubber wheels designed to withstand heavy loads and tough conditions found in various industries. They're essential for machinery like forklifts and loaders, ensuring safety and efficiency on the job. Their durability and performance are unmatched in demanding work environments. Want to understand how these robust tires support the backbone of industry? Join us as we unveil their critical role.
Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor

Industrial tires are solidly constructed tires used on the wheels of heavy equipment and machinery in the manufacturing, construction, military, transportation, warehouse, agricultural and production industries. Due to their tough construction, industrial tires are used on large commercial vehicles to support and transport heavy goods or perform tasks in warehouses where these vehicles are used. The most common types of industrial tires are found on large trucks, forklifts, transport vehicles, buses, planes and other heavy industrial vehicles.

The most practical use of industrial tires is on commercial vehicles such as those seem in the trucking industries. Tires of this type are used to support heavy loads that are transported across continents and therefore must be able to withstand difficult road and weather conditions on a continual long-term basis. The heavy-duty tires used in this fashion are most often made out of double-wall recycled rubber products that can be replaced or re-treaded as needed.

Industrial tires.
Industrial tires.

In the manufacturing and production industries, industrial tires are most often seen on the wheels of forklifts, trucks, and other large weight-bearing vehicles that get frequent use. Tires used in this manner must be made from heavier grades of rubber to ensure years of safe use. While some are smaller than the size of tires used on consumer automobiles, commercial grade tires are made to last longer and handle the extreme weights that industrial equipment use demands daily.

Some industrial tires are used on tractors.
Some industrial tires are used on tractors.

Industrial tires are often seen on vehicles used in the construction and military contracting industries. Tires used in these industries are generally much larger than any others used in other industries, some spanning the height of a one story building. In addition, tires used on construction vehicles like dump trucks, backhoes, bulldozers and cranes are made with large gripping channels which lead to greater stability when in operation. Industrial tires used in this manner are made of the highest grades of rubber and can hold many thousands of pounds of air pressure and excessive loads.

In the agricultural industry, industrial tires are often seen on tractors, carts, wagons and sports utility vehicles. The tires used to support agricultural wheels are usually inexpensive and are made of a lower quality, very hard rubber that provides a very solid gripping surface for use in soil, rocks and other natural conditions. Tractor and wagon tires are used for many years before needing to be replaced and handle multiple miles of fields and crops before wearing out.

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    • Industrial tires.
      By: Sergfoto
      Industrial tires.
    • Some industrial tires are used on tractors.
      By: Valcho
      Some industrial tires are used on tractors.