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How Do I Rent a Plate Compactor?

Amy Rodriguez
Amy Rodriguez

Several factors must be considered when deciding to rent a plate compactor, including machine size requirements, rental duration, and customer liability. Plate compactors are extremely helpful for preparing a subsurface before building a structure; many homeowners use it to compact yard dirt to install a shed or gazebo. Renting is an affordable option for this machine type since it is not a common tool needed daily around the home.

Before visiting a tool rental facility, you should examine the area that needs compaction. Small trim work around a structure only requires a small compactor, whereas an entire yard project may need an extra large machine model. Many rental facilities will help you decide on the best machine size when you rent a plate compactor; it is good practice to bring a detailed picture of the project to the rental store for a professional opinion. In fact, many businesses will visit the job site when you rent a plate compactor to ensure correct usage and application.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Both small and large projects may require multiple work days to complete the designed plan. As a result, you should estimate the amount of days the rental will be needed. Rental facilities normally have daily, weekly, and monthly rates available; in general, a monthly rate will provide the most cost savings over the entire rental term compared to a daily fee. If the machine is returned early, the business usually prorates the rental to reflect the new term.

Rental contracts are mandatory if you rent a plate compactor. The contract will list the owner and renter's rights and liabilities, especially involving damage to the machine. As a precaution, you should read the rental contract in its entirety to ensure that you agree with the liability issues. Normally, any abuse or physical damage to the machine will require the renter to pay for all repairs; however, plate compactor defects affecting the machine's use should be covered by the rental company. In response, the business should replace or repair the compactor quickly so the rental can continue uninterrupted.

If you have never operated a plate compactor before, the business should offer an introductory demonstration before the machine leaves the facility. The renter should understand all machine operations before he or she can rent a plate compactor; renters should feel comfortable maneuvering the machine before leaving the rental facility. Additionally, you can ask for the rental associate's phone number in case there are any questions during use in the field.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book