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How Do I Choose the Best Used Sandblasting Equipment?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Some used sandblasting equipment will have severely worn parts that might not be easily identifiable to the average person. You may want to buy only the used sandblasting equipment that you can operate or see operated prior to making a purchase if you want to be certain to get the best working equipment.

Hoses, nozzles and other components can prove to make what appears to be a good deal not such a bargain after the cost of replacing these parts. The harsh abrasiveness of the blasting media can often wear the nozzle, causing an erratic spray pattern as well as reduced effectiveness when blasting. You will also want to examine all hoses and connections when buying used sandblasting equipment. This can save you from buying hoses that will break or that are broken at the time of purchase. It is also never recommended to buy a set of dirty tools or equipment.

A person sandblasting.
A person sandblasting.

Most reputable workers treat their tools in a good manner. If you see very dirty or greasy air hoses or used sandblasting equipment, you may not be getting the best deal. You will want to select used sandblasting equipment only from the most meticulous owners if you are to be certain that you bought only the best. Hoses that are twisted or appear to have layers of paint or another type of grime on them should not be purchased as they may be damaged under the grime or from the twisting.

If buying a large, commercial-grade sandblasting unit complete with air compressor, you will need to inspect the engine, compressor and reserve air tank to make certain you choose the best used equipment. Most of the large-scale sandblasters use a diesel-powered air compressor. You must check the total hour meter commonly placed on the engine to determine the expected life left in the engine. This figure can be compared against a service manual to identify required repairs and expected repairs. You can check this against receipts for all maintenance completed on the engine by the previous owner.

An easy test is to pull the drain plug on the reserve air tank and watch for water to run out. A high volume of water indicates poor maintenance, in most cases. Extremely rusty water can indicate a reserve air tank that is ready to rust through and must be avoided. One of the best indicators of quality used sandblasting equipment is seen in the appearance of the equipment. Dirty, damaged or neglected equipment should probably be avoided and nice, clean and well-maintained used sandblasting equipment should be considered for purchase.

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    • A person sandblasting.
      A person sandblasting.