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How Do I Choose the Best Used Forklift Parts?

Selecting the best used forklift parts requires a keen eye for quality and an understanding of your machine's needs. Prioritize reputable suppliers, verify part compatibility, and inspect for wear and integrity. Remember, the right parts not only save money but also ensure safety and efficiency. What factors should you weigh to ensure you're making the most informed decision? Continue reading to find out.
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Used forklift parts can be used to repair your current forklift or to enhance its usability. When choosing among the many used forklift parts on the market, it will help you immensely to become knowledgeable about the different available parts and what parts will be compatible with your machine. Whenever possible, buy parts that were made specifically for the make and model of forklift that you own or operate. Learn ways to identify used parts that are salvageable and usable, as well as parts that are damaged or used beyond repair.

If you are unsure which used forklift parts will work with your lift, consider contacting the manufacturer for recommendations on replacement parts. You can also ask salvage yard attendants or dealers who sell used parts for recommendations, but remember their goal is to sell you parts, so you may not get the most accurate information. Become as knowledgeable as possible before you go shopping so you will have an understanding of what makes a quality used component, and what is a fair price for the used forklift parts you are considering.

Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.
Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.

Think about how you regularly use the forklift to decide which used forklift parts will make the most sense for your unit. The majority of people looking for used forklift parts are looking for attachments that will enhance the usability of the lift, but a very useful attachment may be completely useful to you if it is not suitable for the ways in which you will be lifting items. A sideshifter, for example, is a fork unit that can not only move up and down, but also side to side. This makes repositioning the blades possible without having to move the entire forklift truck. Such a unit is especially useful for narrow aisle forklifts that operate in tight spaces, but it may not be necessary for a forklift operating in large yards or warehouses with plenty of space for repositioning the truck.

Whenever you are considering buying components for the forklift, a visual inspection at minimum will be necessary. Look for obvious signs of wear, misuse, or damage; if the component is hydraulic, look for leaks, dents, cracks, worn gaskets, or other signs that the hydraulic unit may not be useful or may be headed for a catastrophic failure. Rust is normal on many forklift components, but excessive rust may lead to problems, especially if the component is load-bearing.

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    • Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.
      By: bugphai
      Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.