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How Do I Choose the Best Power Harrow?

Selecting the best power harrow hinges on your soil type, acreage, and tractor compatibility. Prioritize robust construction, adjustable tines, and a warranty for long-term reliability. Consider ease of maintenance and local dealer support crucial. Have you thought about how the right power harrow can enhance your land's productivity? Let's explore the factors that ensure you make an informed decision.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

When you are attempting to choose the best power harrow, you will need to examine several areas of the machine and its potential accessories. Typical areas of difference between a good power harrow and the best are the tines, type or roller and optional component availability. Other areas to examine and consider when searching for the best power harrow are the drive mechanism for the tines and the ability to combine a planter or drill onto the harrow chassis. Chassis construction is another area where the best machines are set apart from the mediocre.

A power harrow is a machine used to turn soil over and level it out in preparation for planting. The main component of the power harrow is the tines. The tines are the long, metal components that actually penetrate the soil and manipulate it by uprooting the weeds and turning the soil into a smooth crumble. The best machines will use forged steel tines in place of cast iron versions. The forged units will withstand frequent contact with large rocks and stone, while a cast iron tine is likely to break off and become ineffective upon the first contact with an unseen stone or obstacle.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Another key feature that can help you identify the best power harrow is seen in the type of drive system used to power the tines. Lesser quality models will use a system of sprockets and chains to drive the tines while the best models use a gear drive system to power the tines. Chains are prone to breaking and derailing due to a loose or bent sprocket. The gear drive system uses a system of enmeshed drive gears to make certain that several gear teeth are enmeshed at any given time. This provides the harrow with much more useable power without the threat of breaking.

The better machines will have a changeable roller/packer attachment to allow the harrow to be used on several types of ground and in conjunction with different types of planters and crops. You may also find that the best power harrow will have a reinforced frame and a reinforcement around the power take off (PTO) drive shaft. This feature offers protection for the planters that might be towed behind the harrow. Some of the better harrows are versatile as well and allow for the mounting of a planter or drill directly on top of the harrow's chassis.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass