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How do I Choose the Best Hose Manufacturer?


Selecting the best hose manufacturer is not as easy as it sounds. Much of the criteria that you will base your decision on depend on what type of hose that you are looking for. For some types of hoses, there are many manufacturers. For other types of hoses, there may be only one or two specialized hose manufacturers. In addition, how the hose will be used also plays an important part in picking the best material and performance characteristics.

The first step in choosing the best hose manufacturer is to determine what type of hose you need for a particular application. There are many types of hoses, including regular rubber hoses, braided hoses, hydraulic hoses, high-pressure hoses, and many various combinations thereof. A good place to start is to review guidelines on hose used for various applications, such as those available from the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). The ASTM sets performance standards for various materials and applications used in both industrial and commercial applications.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

The next step is to locate manufacturers for the types of hoses you need. There are several sources available to identify manufacturers, such as the Thomas register, a listing of all industrial manufacturers in US and Canada for virtually every material used in industrial or engineering applications. On the Thomas register you will see a description of the company and a description of the various hoses that they manufacture, along with contact information.

Many manufacturers have websites where you can specify your hose parameters to receive a price quote almost immediately. One key consideration is to determine the quantity that is required for the application that you are looking for a hose manufacturer for. For example, ordering several hundred thousand hose assemblies will save you a considerable amount of money over purchasing only 100.

It is also important to consider the quality of the hose you require from the hose manufacturer. For some instances, a hose that only has a lifespan of a few years will be all you need, if the hose is only required for short-term use. Furthermore, some applications require a specific standard that the hose must meet, such as hose that is specifically rated for drinking water.

Considering all of these design parameters should allow you to effectively determine the best hose manufacturer for your needs. It should also help you find the hose manufacturer with whom you can partner in a long-term supply relationship that is mutually beneficial to you both.

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Best hoses by far come from JGB Enterprises, Inc in Liverpool NY.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill