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How Do I Choose the Best Forklift Supplier?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

When searching for the best forklift supplier, you should look for a supplier who not only has a quality selection of inventoried forklifts, but also has a well-stocked parts department and a qualified repair staff and offers pick-up and delivery service. It's also a plus to have a forklift supplier who offers lift maintenance at your location and can provide a loaner lift should yours require extended repair time. You may wish to find a forklift supplier who not only sells forklifts and accessories, but one that leases and rents for short-term forklift needs as well. Typically, asking other business owners about their forklift provider can give you an idea of not only a supplier who you may wish to contact, but also dealers that you wish to bypass in your search. The supplier you settle on should leave you feeling confident in your choice and pleased with his service.

Any business that requires forklifts to transfer large pallets of supplies or to load and unload trucks and trailers should utilize a reputable forklift supplier. Forklifts are often leased instead of purchased, so finding a forklift supplier who will maintain and service your forklifts is a necessity. Many times, a service agreement can be negotiated into a lease, and the best suppliers will often offer to service the lifts at no added charge simply to gain your business. If your business operates a gas-powered forklift, you may wish to choose a forklift supplier that can also supply the liquid propane (LP) for the lifts. This can alleviate some down time while attempting to find a LP gas supplier, and may even save you money on the fuel.

Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.
Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.

In some circumstances, a forklift may require an extended stay in a service shop. If you have contracted with a good forklift supplier, you may qualify to have the use of a loaner forklift for the duration of the required repair. You may have also found a supplier who will provide a lift at reduced rates provided that he performs any required servicing of your trucks. In either case, your search for the best supplier will have paid off.

In your search for the best forklift supplier, you may choose to negotiate pick-up and delivery service for any required repairs. A good supplier will offer to do this in most cases; however, if it is not in your contract, you may wind up with a pick-up charge added to your repair or service bill. You may want to select a forklift supplier who will bring new machines to your location and allow you to demo them as new and improved products come available.

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    • Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.
      By: bugphai
      Indoor forklifts typically have electric-powered motors.