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The gear shaft runs through the center hole of a gear so it can rotate.

What Is a Gear Shaft?

A gear shaft is a long rod around which round, toothed gears rotate. Commonly found in engines, a gear shaft makes the rotation...

A scale model of a building is a type of mockup.

What Is a Mockup?

A mockup is a model of an object or device that is created to follow a specific design. The main purpose of a mockup is to...

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“Yellow goods” can refer to heavy equipment used on construction sites, such as bulldozers.

What Are Yellow Goods?

Yellow goods are heavy duty equipment like bulldozers and cranes, or consumer goods. When people talk about yellow goods that...

Some jeans are made of stretch denim.

What is Denim?

Denim is a cotton cloth most associated with blue jeans. Though it's a fashion staple now; denim was historically used for...

There is typically a gas valve on the gas supply line to any appliance.

What is a Gas Valve?

A gas valve is a type of device that's used to regulate the flow of gas through a system. There are a few different types of gas...

Welders must wear a helmet while welding to protect their faces from sparks and flying materials.

What is Manual Welding?

Manual welding is a type of welding procedure that is done using a welding rod clamped into a holder that is used to fuse two...

A grain silo is often used in farming communities for bulk storage.

What is a Silo?

A silo is a large structure designed to store bulk materials. Classically used for storing grains, silos are also used for...

A man using a log chainsaw.

What is a Log Saw?

A log saw is a saw that is designed for cutting through logs. There are many different types of log saw, including manual log saws...

Cabinet finishes include paint, varnishes or laminates.

What is Cabinet Finish?

A cabinet finish is a substance that is placed on the wooden parts of a cabinet to complete it. The main purpose of the cabinet...

OSB panels are made up of compressed wood flakes or strands.

What is an OSB Panel?

An OSB panel is a type of wood product that is made from strands or flakes of wood that have been compressed and glued together to...

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