What Unusual Product Can Be Made with Peanut Oil?

Nitroglycerin is just one of the countless products that can be made with peanut oil. Oil can be extracted from peanuts through high heat or pressure. Thus, since peanut oil can withstand extremely high temperatures and remain stable, it is not only ideal for deep frying, but also for dynamite.

Peanut oil is a prime ingredient in glycerol, a thick liquid that is used in many products as a lubricant. Nitroglycerin is produced when glycerol is nitrated, or combined with compounds with explosive properties. Nitroglycerin is then combined with additional ingredients to make it more physically stable and safer to transport, and the end result is dynamite.

More about peanut oil:

  • Peanut oil started to become popular in the United States during the Civil War, when there was a shortage of the more commonly used whale oil, made from whale blubber.
  • Due to the refining process that peanut oil goes through, it is generally considered safe for those with peanut allergies to ingest because the allergen-containing proteins are removed.
  • Peanut oil can be used to make biodiesel fuel by combining the filtered oil with methanol and sodium hydroxide to create methyl ester, which can be used in place of petroleum diesel.
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You can use a steel container such as a Freon cylinder, with the top cut off. Attach a copper tube to the bottom of the container, with a quarter turn shut off valve. Suspend the container to one side of a wood stove, and slightly higher than the fire box.

Place a few inches of wood ashes or sand in the bottom of the stove as a "wick" for the peanut oil to burn. drizzle with peanut oil, and light it on fire.

Close the stove door, turn on the valve and let peanut oil drip into the flame.

Adjust the valve to regulate flame.

Turn off the valve, the fire goes out, open it fully, and heat your entire garage.


I have several gallons of peanut oil looking for simple ways to use around farm/homestead.


That was an interesting article.You never know what you can learn from the internet.I will have to do some research on this article to make my own stuff.Thank you wisegeek for posting this article.

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