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What Is Mobile Sandblasting?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

Just like the name seems to suggest, mobile sandblasting refers to a situation whereby the process of sandblasting is applied to a project through the means of transporting the sandblasting equipment to the location of the job. The sandblasting process is one that is usually achieved through the process of the application of high velocity air with some sort of abrasive material, usually sand, suspended within for various purposes. Some of those purposes include the smoothing of rough surfaces in residential and industrial properties and even on public locations. It may be applied to buildings, walkways, monuments or to a wide variety of surfaces that fit the profile of the places that can benefit from the application of the mobile sandblasting services.

Usually, the mobile sandblasting services are provided by companies that may be as small as one person with sandblasting equipment or as large as a company with much sandblasting equipment and many employees who respond to any contracted mobile sandblasting job on behalf of the company. Interested candidates may start the mobile sandblasting business with a limited budget that will mainly be needed to cover the cost of the procurement of a van or truck for the transportation of the mobile sandblasting equipment to the site and for the purchase of the basic sandblasting equipment. Such people may actively look for customers by advertising their company and their services through various marketing campaigns, or they may solicit for customers through other low budget means that include word of mouth.

A person sandblasting.
A person sandblasting.

People who have a project that requires the application of sandblasting will contact the management of the sandblasting service. They will often come up with a rate based on the type of job, the distance from their base, the degree of weathering or the intensity of sandblasting required, and the size of the surface to be sandblasted. For instance, if a private individual contacts the mobile sandblasting company in regards to the application of sandblasting the walls of a home that has a lot of peeling paint, the company representative will have to access the building in order to discover the scope of the job before the company will charge the client. After they have agreed on a price for the job, they will set a date and time at which the company representative will bring the mobile sandblasting equipment to the house in order to execute the job.

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    • A person sandblasting.
      A person sandblasting.