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What Is a Towable Backhoe?

A towable backhoe is a versatile, mobile digging machine, easily transported behind a vehicle. It combines the power of a traditional backhoe with the convenience of a trailer, allowing for quick deployment to various job sites. Ideal for small-scale projects, it's a cost-effective solution for excavation needs. Ready to see how a towable backhoe can revolutionize your work? Continue with us.
Kristie Lorette
Kristie Lorette

A towable backhoe is a type of backhoe that can be transported by a vehicle, such as truck. It is hitched or attached to the vehicle so that it can be moved from location to location by the vehicle that is towing the backhoe. For projects that require the backhoe to be easily moved, a towable backhoe may be an easier and more affordable option.

This type of backhoe tends to be smaller than a tractor or traditional backhoe. Its smaller size allows it to fit into smaller spaces, making it ideal for specific jobs. The smaller size of the backhoe also means that it can be towed by a tractor, riding lawn mower, or ATV, in addition to a car, truck or other vehicle.

The smaller size backhoe can be towed by a riding lawn mower.
The smaller size backhoe can be towed by a riding lawn mower.

Large and traditional backhoes may require transport on the back of a flat bed truck, for example. This can add additional cost to getting the backhoe where it is needed to complete digging projects. Purchasing a towable backhoe can alleviate the cost of renting a backhoe when there is an ongoing need for the use of backhoes, such as for construction companies and contractors.

Storage is also easier with a towable backhoe. Its smaller size allows the owner to store it in a shed, garage or covered area. In some cases, it can even be stored outside, covered with a tarp or completely uncovered. While traditional backhoes can be stored on a property, the mammoth size of some of these machines makes it difficult to find a space to store the machine, where it is not in the way.

A towable backhoe can be used while it is still attached to the towing vehicle. It is also usable after unhitching the machine from the towing vehicle. In other words, it is a versatile and flexible piece of machinery. For ripping or lifting, leaving the backhoe attached to the towing vehicle gives it stability. If the towing vehicle is needed elsewhere, however, the towable backhoe can easily be removed from the vehicle so that both pieces of machinery can be used when and where needed.

Almost all of the major manufacturers of backhoes manufacture towable models. Some sources even offer directions on how consumers can build their own towable backhoe and save money in the process.

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    • The smaller size backhoe can be towed by a riding lawn mower.
      By: aigarsr
      The smaller size backhoe can be towed by a riding lawn mower.