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What is a Pipe Ramp?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

A pipe ramp is a ramp used to go over exposed pieces of pipe in order to protect the pipe from potential breakage if it must be driven over. Most of the time, the pipes used in construction are buried underground. This is sometimes impossible to do and the pipes must remain above ground, which becomes an issue if the pipes are laid out in areas traveled by vehicles. The vehicles must be given a way to pass without the risk of breaking the pipes.

Pipe ramps can also be used to protect hoses, bundles of wire, pumps and cables. The pipe ramp is used by placing it over the exposed pipe or other item. Once placed over the exposed item, the ramp acts as a bridge so the passage can occur safely without risk of damage to the pipe or other item.


A pipe ramp provides a solution to a problem that might otherwise prevent the laying of pipe or different types of construction materials in certain spots due to the interference with travel. Ramps are not commonly used on interstates or major roadways. Instead they are used in and around buildings, such as in parking lots and smaller side streets.

If a pipe ramp was not used as a passable bridge over exposed piping or other exposed materials, there would be greater risk of damage to the exposed material. For instance, the weight of a vehicle passing over an exposed pipe without the aid of a pipe ramp would cause the pipe to break over time as the material becomes weaker and weaker. Hoses can be ripped or torn in the same way. Wires may be rolled and yanked out, which could cause problems with electrical systems.

The cost to fix such damage done to these pipes or other items would be much more costly to repair. Of course, the pipe ramps or bridges do not necessarily guarantee damage will not occur. If a location has delivery trucks coming in day in and day out, the trucks may at times miss the ramp and still hit the piping, which can cause the pipe to break upon impact or from being worn down. A pipe ramp, however, will prevent this from occurring in most situations, and will extend the life of a pipe accordingly.

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