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What Are the Different Types of Portable Paint Booths?

Amy Rodriguez
Amy Rodriguez

Portable paint booths are offered in a variety of sizes with either an overhead fan or hidden lower downdraft mechanism for removing harmful chemical fumes. These industrial booths are used for servicing off-site clients within industries like the automotive sector; parts can be professionally painted in a safe booth for rapid customer service. A number of different filters are used within the booth to create a ductless and portable painting area.

The size of most portable paint booths varies between 30 and 50 inches (76 and 127 cm) in width. Most manufacturers do not offer larger sizes since the booth would become to difficult to move, effectively losing its portability. Customers in the market to purchase portable paint booths should estimate the frequency of use; a smaller booth would be a practical choice for those companies that move around to many different clients in one day. Larger booths would be more suited for less frequent movement since the overall structure is much heavier.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

To maintain portability, the majority of these booths use ductless overhead fans for removing paint fumes. The fan draws the fumes upward from the painting surface; these fumes will normally run through one or multiple filters before the air exits the booth. Customers may have customized fans and filters installed based on the typical paint that will be used with the system. Incredibly strong paint fumes may require a heavy duty fan and several filters for safe overall use.

Another type of booth uses a downdraft bench for retaining paint fumes. Portable paint booths with the downdraft bench still have an overhead hood, but all the air is pulled directly downward through the working bench surface and into a filtering area. Wheels attached to the bench and filter housing allow the booth to be easily moved. Customers may prefer these types of portable paint booths since the overhead hood can be smaller since the fan is hidden under the bench.

Filters used in portable paint booths will vary in quantity and type depending on the type of paint used. Some larger booth models use up to three filters for effective particulate removal from the air. In contrast, small models may only use one or two filters. The majority of models use activated carbon as one of the filter types; the carbon absorbs odors and small particulates. As a result, the booth does not need a permanent and complex duct system for moving harmful fumes away from the worker.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip