Are There Many Uses for Old Coffee Grounds?

London’s fleet of 9,500 buses has been powered by biofuels created from waste for some time, recycling used cooking oil and even tallow from meat products to help reduce harmful emissions. The program got an additional eco-friendly boost in 2017, when a company called bio-bean developed a biofuel that blends oil extracted from coffee waste with diesel fuel. The company says it recycles used grounds from coffee shops, restaurants, and manufacturers.

That's using the ol' bean:

  • Londoners create 500,000 tons of coffee waste every year, according to bio-bean. Most of that has ended up in landfills.
  • The company estimates that the waste from 2.55 million cups of coffee can create enough biofuel to run a London bus for a year.
  • The company also sells "coffee logs," which can be used in fireplaces and stoves as an alternative to wood.
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